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We all need to embrace a little hope, to embrace that one WISH. Difficult moments can take its toll on our families, our friends, our communities and each of us individually.

This is a personal glimpse of our story.  In 2017 we lost a father who was a “Rock of Gibraltar” and wished the world for his family.  In 2018 we both lost our mothers, within a three week time span.  Everyday we carry their sense of strength, purpose and loving WISHES.  We experienced the permanency and the gravity of what we had to accept in these defining moments of loss.

A year and a half later Covid impacted all of our lives, one way or another. Simply, our sense of the everyday was poignantly changed.  We both wished and hoped for what we remembered as our normalcy.  The months ahead would require ongoing patience, tolerance and acceptance of the unknowns, the inconveniences, and the rising injustices which were and continue to encapsulate our times.

However,  along this Journey we recognized that we were given time to slow down, to reflect, and to honor our WISHES.  The true essence of hope, inspiration and strength can begin with that one WISH.  

This is what inspired MY WISHING ROCK as a token of hope, love, and simply a beautiful wish.  As unique as each wish so is every handcrafted MY WISHING ROCK.  Give MY WISHING ROCK as a heartfelt and personalized gift.


A percentage of proceeds will benefit Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area granting life-changing WISHES for children with critical illness.

Give someone a WISH and help make another WISH come true.

Warmest WISHES,
Paige and Karen

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